Local Area details:

Although restful, Lago Verde is a short walk from the main shopping area and the refined night retreats of the harbour frontage.

The town/harbour has a superb selection of fish restaurants in addition to all other choices.

This is within 5 minutes walk in addition sandy beaches are around 12 minutes walk from the complex.

Most noteworthy is “Playa Chica”, which plays host to numerous diving schools, if this is your pleasure.

In addition local shops, bars and Restaurants are only 200 yards away.

There are many family venues at the Centro Montana Tropical at the Southern end of this small estate.

“La Bamba” restaurant opposite the North gate provides quality and value of a more Spanish nature.

If not hiring a car one of the many queuing taxi’s at the airport is all you need. The trip is 7-8 minutes ride.

Tias golf course  is 4 miles away.